Friday, June 29, 2012

Preparation, Pace, Providence - Pastor Sean

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope. (Psalm 130:5 NIV)

A few days ago I happened upon a video of a young surfer taking on a gigantic wave.  He rode it for over a minute until finally reaching shore.  In the middle of my watching the event, it struck my that he had to be in the right place at the right time to "catch the wave."  He didn't cause the wave or produce it's power, but was able to seize the momentum of the natural propulsion because of correct timing.

I think that is similar to how God works in our lives.

If you've ever observed something that seems to have happened quickly or fast, it may be more in the eye of the beholder than actually true.  For example, watching a house be built from the ground up can sometimes seem like a very rapid process.  But remember, the plans had to be drawn, building site selected, materials purchased, and workers chosen before any of what seems quick could even begin.

Before you ever get in a hurry for what God will do,  reflect on what He is doing.  He prepares, moves at His pace, for us to encounter His providence.

In Isaiah chapter 30 God warns against making our own plans, in comparison to His.  James writes about the same thing (James 4:13-15) when we say what and where we are going to do we miss the point.  God is who declares His will for our life, and in his timing. 

Think of many in scripture who moved ahead of God's preparation.  Abraham and Sarah produced Ishmael.  Joseph spoke before he was supposed to.  Moses attempted to deliver before his time.  In each of these examples getting ahead of Gods timing resulted in further waiting, but that too God used as preparation for His plan.   The key is to be in the right place and the wait for the right time.  Then God's momentum begins pushing toward the completion of His will.

Today, be patient and know God is for you...He is preparing you at His pace in His providence.