Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ever Feel Stuck? - Pastor Ty

Ever feel stuck? Don't feel like you can finish? "I want to challenge you today not to give up but just take one more step. Don't allow your mindset to be average or or your heart to be lukewarm." Revelation 3:16It's distasteful to God when we stop short or don't go all the way through the test.

God wants us to live a life full of Him! Enthusiasm- is God within! Die to yourself and obey God! I challenge you to take your eyes off your circumstances an put them on Jesus and know that He has overcome the world and he will bring you out of where you may feel stuck. "Keep a teachable heart and while you are waiting on God know that you are preparing for his best! There is no place worst to live than thinking there is no point to your life." Hebrews 6:11

Go all the way through! If you want to experience the promises of God. You have to go all the way through with Him and trust His plan. We can learn from the bad decisions of the family of Abraham, Genesis 11:31 "but they settled for another place..."

Don't settle for anything that gives temporary gain. There might be pain in waiting but remember that God has great gain in the near future. Life and death have been set in front of you, Now Choose Life! We honor God by going all the way with Him and trusting His plan. He gave us the Holy Spirit to go all the way through our trial. I love the quote, "I can have the pain of discipline today or have have the pain of regret tomorrow."
I end on this thought, Jeremiah 29:11 God said he has a plan for you, and it's a good one, so the bottom line is nothing else matters. 

Live life today with purpose and on purpose with faith trusting in God, and when you don't know His plan, trust that God does and take one more step. 

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